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Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Fighting Insurance Claim Denials

Homeowners’ insurance is supposed to be a safety net that will be there for you when the time comes to file a claim and recover your losses. That is why you, like millions of people, make sure to have your policies up to date and make scheduled payments on time to ensure that the coverage will be there when you need it most.

But when the time comes to file a claim and your insurance is not responding as you expect, it’s time to speak with a lawyer. You may still have strong grounds to recover the proceeds you deserve.

Don’t Face The Insurance Company Alone

There is no reason for you to feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to go to battle with an insurance company. You may already be facing enough stress from dealing with the damage to your property, injuries resulting from fires, health issues from mold exposure or other calamities. You should not also have to navigate the legal intricacies of insurance claims on your own.

At Charles Injury Law in Plantation, Florida, attorney Steve Charles can evaluate your case. He is an experienced and aggressive advocate who will stand up for you in situations such as:

  • When your insurance company refuses to pay your claim in a timely fashion
  • When the claims that you have filed have not been paid properly
  • When the insurance company delays or denies your claim in bad faith

For your protection, the law allows consumers like you to sue your insurance company for bad faith in cases like these. Steve can advise you on your options for getting the proceeds you deserve.

Reasons Why Insurance Claims Are Denied

It seems as though insurance companies have plenty of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to giving you a reason for the denial of your claim. While some of them might be legitimate, others might not. Among the most common reasons cited for a claim denial you may find include:

Your claim is not covered: This statement is used when they wish to argue that your claim is not covered by the policy you have. Your policy may not be clear as to what exclusions there are or there may be ambiguities in the way some terms are described. Ifso, a judge may rule in your favor.

You made a mistake when you filed your claim: Your insurance company may say that you misrepresented certain facts on your paperwork which nullified the policy’s coverage.

The way you notified them about the incident was wrong: Carefully read the terms of your policy to be sure that the way you let the insurance company know about the incident follows the requirements and timeline to do so.

You committed insurance fraud: They may believe that your claim included false or exaggerated facts. If they are right, this could lead to civil and criminal consequences in addition to having your claim denied.

Denial in bad faith: This will never be a reason they would say out loud but they may make use of a variety of justifications, covered in confusing policy wording, to disguise the fact that they are unwilling to pay for your claim.

No matter the reason your insurance has given you for the delay, denial or underpayment, call lawyer Steve Charles to help you fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Suing An Insurance Company After Having A Claim Denied

All insurance companies have obligations to their policyholders. Among them, they must avoid unfair practices, act in good faith and abide by the terms of their policies. Also, they must abstain from:

  • Taking too long in investigating a claim.
  • Showing an unwillingness to pay claims in which there does not seem to be a doubt regarding liability.
  • Not approving a claim within a reasonable time.
  • Not providing an explanation for the denial.

You may have recently submitted a claim to your insurer and have seen time go by without a word from them. Or maybe they denied your claim with an explanation that was not satisfactory or they may be offering you an amount that you do not consider fair. If this is happening to you, it may be time to talk to a lawyer. Steve can analyze your insurance claims denial, evaluate your case and give you advice as to the best way to obtain the results you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claim Denials

Below are common questions people have about denied insurance claims. Don’t rely on this information as a substitute for individualized legal advice, however. Talk to Steve for guidance on your specific case. He handles all kinds of denied insurance claims on behalf of policy holders, including water intrusion, storm damage, roof damage, claims involving commercial properties and more.

The first thing you should do is contact an experienced lawyer. You only have a limited window of time to dispute the denial, and delays could cost you your financial recovery. The sooner you get a lawyer involved, the better your chances of success.

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