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Slip and Fall

Taking Slip-And-Fall Cases Seriously

A slip-and-fall accident is not as minor as it may sound. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that falls are a leading cause of serious injury in the United States. Slip and falls can cause tremendous setbacks with regard to your physical and emotional well-being. They can impact your ability to work and get around. They can diminish your quality of life in a very big way.

If you are suffering because of a slip-and-fall accident on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries medical bills, lost income as well as pain and suffering and diminished quality of life.

Get Proven Help With Your Case

After a slip-and-fall accident, it is in your best interest to seek trusted legal help sooner rather than later. It is imperative that you file your personal injury claim before the deadline (statute of limitations) expires. The sooner you get a lawyer involved, the better your chances of obtaining a solid financial recovery.

At Charles Injury Law in Plantation, Florida, attorney Steve Charles is experienced, aggressive and prepared to fight for the maximum compensation available for your injuries. His numerous five-star reviews are evidence of the dedication he brings to every case. He is committed to pursuing the results you deserve. Call (954) 390-2228 for your no-hassle, free consultation today.

Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Injuries

If you have ever slipped and fallen, you understand that it is not that difficult to do. This is truer when the walking area is littered with hazards. In our humid Florida climate, moisture and wet weather can be an added danger, creating slippery surfaces. People who are already in a vulnerable physical state – such as seniors and those with preexisting injuries or disabilities – are more prone to falls. They also tend to suffer more serious injuries as a result of such falls.

Learn more about the various causes of slip-and-fall accidents below:

  • Trash or otherwise misplaced debris on the floor
  • Unnaturally bright light on a floor that causes a slip and fall
  • Poor lighting that negatively affects your ability to see
  • Electrical cords or wiring
  • Uneven floors without clearly visible warning signs
  • Moped or waxed floors without safety signs
  • Potholes in the parking area
  • Uncleaned liquid spills
  • Unsalted ice
  • Lack of handrail on stairs

Frequently Asked Questions About Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Read on for answers to common questions about these accidents. If you would like guidance onyour specific case, please contact attorney Steve Charles for a free consultation at (954) 390-2228. He can answer your questions and provide guidance about your unique situation.

A premises liability claim is a type of personal injury case that holds property owners responsible for injuries and/or damages caused on their property due to negligent actions that cause or allow unsafe and hazardous conditions. A successful premises liability claim that involves a slip-and-fall accident will require you to prove that the property owner was negligent by not adequately addressing known hazards and/or failing to maintain their property in a manner that leads to a relatively safe environment for visitors and/or customers.

In many cases, it takes an experienced attorney to prove the merits of your case to the insurance company or court (if necessary). Though your injuries may be apparent and their effects severe, you will still need to effectively prove that the accident was the fault of the property owner and not due to your own mistakes that could have been avoided. Steve can help you build a strong case to help maximize your compensation.

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